Recipe App and Responsive Website

Google UX Design Certification course project – Design for social good

Project overview

This design is an attempt to create a user experience for people with a low level of technical knowledge. Using this design, people will be able to learn technology by following familiar steps in the real world. The application is useful for those people who like to cook at home. People can find interesting recipes and share experiences with other users. An attempt to place an order for ingredients without leaving home has also been implemented.


Conducting interviews, solution ideation, paper and digital wireframing, prototyping and usability studies conducting. Accounting accessibility, responsive design development

My role

UX Designer, mobile app and responsive web design from conception to hand off


Figma, Adobe XD

The problem

Low level of technical knowledge and experience in using modern devices. For this reason, people are limited in accessing important information and using technology to help ease the tasks that most people perform day in and day out.

The Goal

Design an app that is able to create a new experience of exploring modern devices and technologies that improve the daily life of their users.