Even if you use the finest hardware and software around, there is always a chance that something could go wrong after some update, for instance. In such cases, it would be extremely helpful if you have a backup of your content as you will steer clear of or limit the loss of data and you can restore the proper functioning of your sites promptly. If you use a shared website hosting account, standard backups are generated by the service provider, but this is not the situation in case you have got a virtual or a dedicated server and a problem could lead to the loss of important data. To avoid such cases, we offer a backup upgrade for our hosting server solutions, so we can keep a copy of your info safely and securely on an individual hosting server and restore the content if necessary. This way you'll not need to be worried about losing anything even when you have important information on the machine.
Weekly Backup in VPS Servers
You can get the backup upgrade anytime and with just several clicks whatever the VPS server plan which you select. Depending on when you decide to take advantage of this particular service, you can order it during the VPS order procedure and we will start creating backups straight from the creation of the hosting server or you can add it from your billing CP later and we will keep a copy of your content from that point on. You may renew the upgrade for as long as you need it and we shall create and keep a few weekly backups, so that we could restore any info in the machine very quickly if required. The entire content on the virtual machine shall be backed up, thus no matter if you need an older version of some files or a database, we will have it. With this upgrade you will not need to worry about losing important info in the case of an unforeseen predicament.
Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers
If you acquire one of our dedicated service and you decide that you require a backup of your content, you'll be able to include this service with a couple of clicks and our system shall start keeping copies each week straight away. You could obtain the upgrade along with the server or at some point later on via your billing CP if you don't need backups from the start. The service shall grant you 50 gigabytes of disk space on an independent machine and this content may be restored on our end. Although we check the components and the software before we hand over any new dedicated hosting server, you can never know if some update won't fail, so if you have valuable data on the hosting server, you'll be better off with this upgrade. Backups can also be found with the Managed Services upgrade, which incorporates a lot of other useful admin tasks we supply to our clients.