Deniss Piunovs

Deniss Piunovs

Web Designer

Hi, I’m passionate about creating usable digital products. I have worked with incredibly talented people across different companies.


Digital transformation

I’m a web designer crafting simple and effective solutions. Currently, I’m working as a freelancer, helping different product teams to build enjoyable user experiences and digital products with users and accessability in mind. I also love voluntering at hackhatons for social good.

  • I like digital transition
  • My passionate is art and electronic dance music
  • Main career goals the well-being of my family
Digital transformation
Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

Education and qualifications

Responsive Web Design

Developer certification @freeCodeCamp

Responsive web design certificate

Verify certificate

UX Design

Professional qualification

Verify certificate


Fun and relaxation

Outside of working hours and web design, I with my family enjoy the world around us and will always find something to admire. There are so many amazing creatures and objects around that are worthy of attention and study.

my son and me
my son and me