Usage tracking


We are committed to making our products better every day and it isn’t possible without the help of our users like you.

By allowing to collect non-personal information about your website and server configuration, you can help us understand different possibilities and test our products better.

We thank you in advance for enabling this option 🙂


We anonymously check the following parameters:

  • Whether SSL certificate is installed
  • The version of Curl SSL
  • Version of Curl
  • If site is using external object cache
  • Is GD extension available
  • Is Imagik Extension available
  • If the wp-content directory is writable
  • MYSQL version
  • PHP version
  • PHP ini settings
  • The server software
  • Version of WordPress installed
  • WordPress Language
  • Timezone set in WordPress
  • If a website is WordPress Multisite installation
  • Whether wp_debug is enabled
  • Whether wp_debug_display is enabled
  • If the xmlreader exists
  • URL of the Website
  • List of active plugins
  • Active theme
  • Brainstorm Force updater version
  • Settings of Brainstorm Force products
  • If zip_installed is enabled
  • Is script_debug enabled

By collecting this non-personal information, we develop better, more compatible software and serve our customers betters

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